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can you reuse decking in boat

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts Walkthrough

But if you use the Large Tray which you'll have to if you want the trophy , you can store 2 Large Coconuts, in addition to several other medium and small ones. Just make sure you outfit your

SpaceX readies rocket for station launch, barge landing

SpaceX engineers are gearing up to launch a Dragon cargo ship atop a Falcon 9 rocket Friday for the company's fifth operational space station resupply mission. And if all goes well, the Falcon 9's

Mother Nature can save the Great Barrier Reef if

Sci-Tech Mother Nature can save the Great Barrier Reef if we help her. Australia's reef is big, beautiful and on its deathbed. The reef can still heal itself, but not without our help.

Two ways to consolidate PowerPoint slides and save time

You can reuse slides and combine presentations to save a bit of time and trouble. Susan Harkins explains. Trying to create a presentation quickly is unpleasant, because they take time If you're

5 things cruise lines don't want you to know

CBS News A cruise can be romantic and fun, but once you set sail, it's not always "The Love Boat." CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg helped navigate through the five things cruise lines don

Endless Ocean Review

Once you're on the same boat, basically all you can do is dive together, so you jump in the water and follow one another around while looking at fish--just like the single-player game, except you

Take a tour of the 114-year-old Japanese battleship Mikasa

IJN Mikasa. The battleship Mikasa. Embedded in the pier, it still looks impressive for a 114-year-old ship. You can see the crossroads of naval design, with aspects from the ships from the late

Far Cry: New Dawn Review

Early on, this can be annoying if you try to push the limits of the game in a way you're not meant to. Heading too far into the map and needing to use up hundreds of bullets to take down a rank 3

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