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How to remove a fence post

How to Remove an Old Wood Fence from Your Yard

Removing fence posts from the ground. If you dont think you can salvage your fence posts, then youll have to get them out of the ground. If you have concrete footings, removing your fence posts is a bit of a challenge, but there are a variety of techniques you can use to get them out of the ground.

Removing Fence Posts Set In Concrete

Removing Fence Posts Set In Concrete. How to remove fence posts set in concrete if the post is broken off at ground level without digging or heavy equipment. There are many solutions on the internet that work well when the post is intact and sturdy.

How to Remove a Wood Fence Post That Is Broken off at

Most correctly embedded wood fence posts are set in concrete or cement to ensure their stability. Unfortunately, when such a fence post is broken off at ground level, removing the concrete or

How to Remove a Wood Fence DoItYourself.com

If the fence posts are just buried in the dirt, removal is relative simple. Start by removing the earth around each of the fence posts. About 12 inches about ground level, drive heavy nails into each side of the fence post. Stacks some brick into a pile close to the fence post and lay a piece of heavy lumber over the top of the bricks.

How to Remove a Fence Post, the Easy Way

How to remove a timber fence post the Uncle Knackers way even if it is encased in concrete. After watching it you'll all want to go out to your back yards and start pulling down your fence, just for the hell of it BE WARNED, there are near NUDE scenes in this video.

How to Remove Fence Posts with Pictures

How to Remove Fence Posts. The removal of wooden fence posts normally involves a process that includes loosening the post from the surrounding ground or concrete, then carefully extracting the post in a manner that does not cause the post

How to remove a fence post in under 5 minutes

Here's a pretty simply method for removing a fence post seated in concrete all without digging or messing with complicated equipment.

How to Remove Fence Posts from Your Yard Today's Homeowner

To remove wooden posts from the ground: Screw a block of wood to the side of the post. Stack concrete blocks next to it to form a fulcrum. Position a 2×4 under the block of wood and over the fulcrum.

Fence Post Repair: How to Fix a Fence Post The Family

Yank the fence post out of the ground after youve broken off enough concrete to lighten the load. If you have a rotting fence post that needs replacement, heres how to get the concrete pier out of the ground. Its not complicated, but youll definitely work up a sweat. First, dig a

Fence post removal How to remove a broken fence post

Broken fence post removal If you are removing or replacing a broken fence post that is simply planted in the ground then figuring out how to remove fence posts is a lot easier. Many people find that they can dig around the fence post until they reach a point low enough to manoeuvre it out of the ground safely.

Can You Remove Chain Link Fencing That Has Been Cemented

Getting it Out of the Ground. Before attempting to remove the fence posts, remove the fencing and top rail. Clip the metal rings or strips holding the chain link to the posts and roll up the fencing.

How to Remove Vinyl Fence Posts eHow

How to Remove Vinyl Fence Posts. Vinyl fences are a longer-lasting alternative to standard wood fences. Another advantage of vinyl fences is that you can relocate them if necessary. The fence slats and rails connect with screw-and-bolt fasteners to the posts. Once you remove the fencing materials, only the posts are left. The procedure for removing

How to Remove a Fence Post with Concrete Footing

Removing an old fence post can be a pain in the neck or back . Not only are fence posts set in a concrete footing typically two feet underground, but if the post has become rotten and is no longer sturdy, it will make removing it even more complicated.

How To Remove A Concrete Post Fast and Easy

Remove a fence post or concreted post fast and easy with half the time, work and dirt removal.

Removing Steel Fence Posts from Concrete DoItYourself.com

Steel fence posts are intended to be set in concrete and to last for decades. If you decide to move your fence, or even remove it altogether, you need to take out the fence posts. Thats going to cause a problem as you have to take out something that was meant to remain in the same spot permanently.

How to Replace a Rotted Fence Post This Old House

Remove the rotted fence post and dig out any wood left in the fence-post hole. Toss the soil and rotted wood onto a tarp for easy clean up. 8. Enlarge the existing fence-post hole with a post-hole digger. 9. Stretch a tight line from one finial to the next to establish the height of the fence panels.

How to replace a fence post set in concrete when not

Even if a fence post is not rotten above ground, older posts may be rotten below ground. This happens mostly in the region just below the surface where the wood is both damp and exposed to the air. To replace a timber post in the same position as before is not easy. First of all you must remove the concrete.

How to Move a Cemented Vinyl Fence Post Hunker

You can get the most strength out of your fence by anchoring the buried part of the fence posts with concrete. Unfortunately, these anchors make the job of moving a fence post later a bit of a task. Moving a vinyl fence post anchored with concrete means removing the concrete anchor as a whole while avoiding damage to the vinyl post.

How to Remove Old Fence Posts Set in Concrete

One of the biggest challenges of installing a new vinyl fence in Dallas is removing your old fence first. Fence removal is labor-intensive work, and its even harder when your fence posts are set in concrete. However, there are a few strategies you can use to get concrete-set fence posts out of the ground easily.. Strategies for Fence Post Removal

How to remove a rotten fence post

It depends how your fence was installed. Most wooden fences are installed with a concrete base in that, a fence post is placed in a pit of poured concrete, which hardens and ensures that the fence is stable against strong winds and other pressur

How do I temporarily remove section of vinyl fence?

I am repairing a shed that's next to a vinyl fence. I would like to temporarily remove a section of the vinyl fence, but I can't find a good way to remove it. Here's the picture of the fence, and a picture of inside of the fence post. I notice the plastic is molded so it goes easily into the post but not out of it.

How To Remove Metal Fence Posts?

How to remove metal fence posts? They drove in three metal t-bar fence posts around each tree at an angle and anchored the trees into these with Arbor-Tie. I have long since cut the Arbor-Tie from the trees, but am left with these fence posts sticking out of my yard.

How to remove a 4x4 fence post that is snapped off at

The homeowner is left with the challenge of coming up with a cheap and easy way to remove the broken-off fence post and they want to pull it strht out so they can sink the replacement post in the same location without digging too much. Many of the posts play out like a soap opera many ideas are offered:

How to Remove a Deck Post in Concrete

How to Remove a Deck Post in Concrete Slab. I used the circular saw to cut around the 6×6 deck post, then sawed a wedge on the far side so it would fall into the backyard like felling a tree. The circular saw couldnt quite cut completely through the post and I finished the cut with a handsaw while pushing on the post. Success

How to Remove a Fence Post The Easy Way

Removing an old fence post can be a pain in the ass especially if the post has rotted and fallen off. Thats because fence posts are set in a concrete footing that is usually at least two feet deep in the ground.

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